Out of respect for the tradition of Viennese balls, the organizers require guests a very strict dress code -"black and white tie". It is a unique opportunity for everyone attending to enjoy the extravagance Tuxedo, accompanied by distinct and feminine dresses.

Gentlemen will wear black tuxedo, black pants appropriate tuxedo - belt straps are preferred, lake black shoes with leather soles, white bow tie, white vest and white shirt with bow tie collar. The preferred material for the shirt, vest and bow tie, is Marcella, a textured cotton fabric. Outfit is completed with white gloves and silk handkerchief the pocket of his coat exterior. Those willing to recall old times make their appearance wearing a top hat. Also having their distinctions and official medals is a well rooted tradition in prom attire Pocket watch tonight enjoys greater esteem than any hand held device.

Ladies will wear long dresses to the floor, avoiding short dresses. Cut evening gown will be tailored to a dancing light; the shoes should be chosen in a way as to allow smooth movement required for waltz. It is recommended a moderate frame size and to avoid rubber soles.

The musical schedule during the Ball is exclusively formed of Viennese waltz, slow waltz, polka, and quadrille. A minimum skill for the movements required by these social dancing is preferably.

The dance night is opened by the Ball’s committee formed by the pairs of debutants. They will perform exclusively. The public is invited to join the dance with the traditional call: "Alles Walzer!"

Invitations to dance are almost exclusively made by the gentlemen through the characteristic bow to the lady who answers by reverence. The traditionalists may use the invitation by kissing the lady’s hand. If the lady is accompanied, it will politely ask for permission from the partner. It would be desirable the avoidance to invite unknown ladies. The dance partners shall always dance and leave the dance floor together, the pairs with more experience shall waltz to the outside of the dance floor. The movement of the Viennese waltz shall be made in counterclockwise direction.

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